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The Kosair Charities Face It® Movement, was created in 2012, as a response to the public outcry against the increasing number of child abuse deaths in the Commonwealth. Kosair Charities, who has stepped up to protect vulnerable children for over 90 years, brought together key partners to plan a campaign to address the problem of child abuse deaths in Jefferson County and the surrounding areas. This group spent 2012 planning an effective campaign that includes best practices in child abuse prevention, community engagement and promoting effective policies to improve the child welfare system. The Kosair Charities Face It® Movement, officially launched in April 2013, and is a 10-year initiative led by Kosair Charities with the vision that by 2023, all children in Jefferson County will be free from abuse and neglect. Today 90+ organization partner with the movement to treat, protect, research, and advocated for the children who suffer abuse and neglect.

The founding members of the Face It ® Movement include

  • Mr. Randy Coe, Chairman, Kosair Charities
  • Jerry Ward, Board Member, Kosair Charities
  • Dr. Terry Brooks, Kentucky Youth Advocates
  • Melissa Currie, MD, Kosair Charities Division of Pediatric Forensic Medicine, University of Louisville School of Medicine
  • Judge Patricia FitzGerald, retired Family Court Judge
  • Mr. Gordon Brown, formerly Home of the Innocents
  • Mr. Dan Fox, formerly Family and Children’s Place and Children’s Advocate
  • Ms. Marta Miranda, Center for Women and Families

Find out more about Face It at www.faceitabuse.org or download this About Face It® one pager.