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“There were so many unknown factors, they didn’t know if he’d come out of the hospital. … (But) he is the most robust, outgoing kid. He is a joy to be around.”

Tony Mills, Caden’s Father

“Along with our family and friends, our Kosair Charities family is truly our lifeline and support. Molly allows me to see the ability in her disabilities every day, and I thank God for that gift.”

Elizabeth Turner, Molly’s Mother

“Without Kosair Charities, not as many kiddos would be seen, and I wouldn’t be able to be a single parent of three kids with special needs.”

Dawn Renner, Noah and Gabriel’s Mother

“If it wasn’t for Kosair Charities, oh, goodness — Jenna wouldn’t be where she’s at. … Words can’t describe how thankful we are and how much we appreciate what they do. We can’t thank them enough.”

Rawan Khatib, Jenna’s Mother

“As a mother, you think all hope is lost sometimes. It seems like all the doors are shut, that she doesn’t really need help. If not for Kosair Charities... Well, I’d be unemployed. And I’m pretty sure they would have put Avaya out of school. I’m so grateful that I found them.”

Bridgette Mac, Avaya’s Mother


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