Noah and Gabriel

Noah’s adoption as an infant came with a set of special challenges for him and his mother, Dawn. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, global developmental delays, microcephaly, severe sensory integration disorder and a myriad of other physical challenges, Dawn was told Noah would never be able to walk or talk. Now, at age eight, Noah is able to both walk and communicate.
Noah knows exactly what he wants to be when he grows up. Such certainty might seem questionable for an eight-year-old, but Dawn isn’t surprised at her son’s conviction to be a priest. Dawn says that even as a baby, Noah was still and calm in church, where in many other places he was not. He even reenacts Catholic mass before bedtime and can recite certain prayers in Latin.

Two years after Noah’s adoption, Dawn was blessed with the adoption of her second son, Gabriel, who like his brother, also suffers from cerebral palsy and sensory integration disorder. Gabriel has also been diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome.

At four years old, Gabriel graduated from speech therapy, which Dawn attributes to early intervention and the help of attentive therapists. And despite his medical difficulties, Gabriel is able to run and play with his friends, enjoys being with Noah and their adopted sister, Angelina, and is fascinated with trains.

Dawn recognizes how fortunate she and her sons are to have Kosair Charities on their side. “We’ve have top notch facilities in our community that I’ve used for my children’s care and they have all in some way been supported by Kosair Charities. We are so thankful.”

Noah and Gabriel are also 2015 playhouse recipients from the partnership of the Building Industry Charitable Foundation, Youth Build and Kosair Charities. Their half-church, half-train station themed playhouse is a resource for their ongoing therapy and a place where they can enjoy being kids.

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