Lexi Kosair Kid


At just seven weeks old, Lexi was diagnosed with infantile botulism, an illness that can occur when an infant ingests bacteria that produce a toxin inside the body. Not only is it rare (fewer than 100 cases occur in the United States each year), it is frightening because it causes severe muscle weakness and breathing problems.

After spending eight long weeks in an incubator, Lexi’s parents, Andrea and Casey, were finally able to take their baby home. Unfortunately, they also took home an astronomical hospital bill. Kosair Charities stepped in and took care of Lexi’s medical bills. They also followed up with the family to make sure they had everything they needed by reaching out to therapists who worked with Lexi on speech, occupational and physical therapy for several months.

Today, Lexi is just like any other six-year old girl. She’s full of life and a wonderful big sister to siblings Silas, Layla-Cate and Sully.

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