Imani Kosair Kid


Imani was born with sensorineural hearing loss. Doctors are unsure why that occurred, but it’s often genetic; hearing loss runs in her family. “The ability to hear is important in helping children learn to speak,” said Imani’s audiologist, Kim Lawless, “and there’s a reason we have two ears — it helps distinguish speech from noise.”

As the new school year dawned, Vanessa Biggers faced a crisis. Her 9-year-old daughter, Imani, lost one of her hearing aids, and Vanessa, a single mother who was temporarily out of a job, didn’t know how she would replace the expensive device.

It was important to match the lost hearing aid, because Imani’s school had invested in a system that lets her teacher speak through a microphone that broadcasts to Imani’s hearing aid. “It’s like Imani is sitting in the teacher’s lap,” Lawless said.

Vanessa is a strong advocate for her daughter and was determined to replace the hearing aid — perhaps through a bake sale or car wash at church. She was unfamiliar with Kosair Charities but Brother Evans, a deacon at their church in Lebanon, Ky., who also belongs to the Damascus Temple Shrine in West Louisville, is quite familiar.

anessa contacted Kosair Charities and was amazed at how quickly the process fell into place. Within weeks, Imani had a new Oticon Vigo Pro — just like the one she had before.

“Kosair Charities called and asked what I needed,” Lawless said, “and it was there in a week. That’s just incredible.”

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