Harper Kosair Kid


Harper was born with a ridge on her forehead that her pediatrician discovered at her 1-week checkup. She was diagnosed with Muenke Syndrom and craniosynostosis, which meant that her cranium fused together prematurely. She had surgery to open her soft spot at just 6 months old.

Later, Harper’s daycare noticed that her speech was not developing as it should and recommended evaluation. She was referred to a pediatric hearing center that discovered she had moderate hearing loss in one ear and severe loss in the other. They prescribed specialized hearing aids, but the Mull’s insurance would cover only a small portion of the cost. They applied to the Kosair Kids® Program and Kosair Charities stepped in to cover the gap between the cost and what insurance would cover.

Allison said “The hearing aids have helped a tremendous amount. I’ll never forget the first time she heard music with them – her face just lit up!”

Since we caught it early and got Harper the help she needs, she should be able to catch up on her speech delay and have no long-term developmental problems.

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