Elizabeth Kosair Kid


Elizabeth was born with several health issues including a heart condition, chronic lung disease and digestive problems. The state’s First Steps program, which provides in-home therapy, helped cover her health care costs through age 3 but Elizabeth needed continued therapy. By 2007, her parents, Jennifer and Greg, had exhausted the lifetime benefits on their health insurance plan.

Kosair Charities stepped up to cover Elizabeth’s therapy at the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies and Green Hill Therapy for 3 years, until 2011, when the health insurance reform law removed lifetime limits. Elizabeth continues therapy today where the family’s life insurance plan is fully accepted.

Due to Elizabeth’s chronic lung disease, she still needs oxygen at night. She has a shunt in her brain and relies on a feeding tube. She has had numerous surgeries, and in 2011 was hospitalized with a severe lung infection. She’s doing better now, and enjoys school at Westport Middle School Montessori. Elizabeth has been a Girl Scout since Kindergarten and is now playing tennis.

Jennifer and Greg are so grateful to the charities for filling the gaps in Elizabeth’s health coverage. Jennifer says, “If it weren’t for Kosair Charities’ generosity, I don’t know where we’d be.”

Learn more about Elizabeth in the Winter 2012 Edition of Kite Tales.

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