Corbett Twins Kosair Kids

Corbett Twins

When Todd and Robin Corbett adopted twin 18-month-old boys from Ukraine, the youngsters had some catching up to do. Josh and Nicholas are autistic and have cerebral palsy. Their development was further delayed from spending their lives in an orphanage.

Since joining their new family in Louisville, the twins have received extensive physical, speech and occupational therapy, both at home and at the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies on the Kosair Charities campus. The Kids Center connection led the Corbett’s to Kosair Charities Kosair Kid® Program, which paid for the adaptive bicycle their therapist recommended. At first they could barely pedal it, but now they ride alone.

“They needed a lot of help to catch up to their peers, but they are doing very well,” Robin says.

The boys are fraternal twins and have distinctly different personalities. Josh, whose milder condition allows him to walk, is extremely outgoing, loves to sing (he sings in his church choir) and hugs everyone he sees. Nicholas, who uses a walker or wheelchair, is more laid-back. He also loves to sing, but prefers “high fives” to hugs.

“If it weren’t for Kosair Charities, Josh and Nicholas would not have progressed nearly as far as they have,” Robin says, “they’ve helped us tremendously.”

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