Caden Kosair Kid


Caden was born in 2007 with Spina Bifida, a clubfoot, and Hydrocephalus. At 13 months old, he needed a shunt replacement due to seizures. As a toddler, Caden needed several leg operations, one to restructure his clubfoot and another to help straighten his right leg. Recently, he underwent another surgery to remove a metal plate from his right leg that was placed there to help straighten it. Caden now walks with reciprocal braces and uses a wheelchair.

Caden is a very energetic, friendly and popular little boy who loves school and playing with other kids. Caden never lets his disabilities get in the way and jumps right into whatever activity is going on. He loves music, swimming, riding his 3-wheeler, and playing in his sandbox. Caden’s parents, Tony and Diane consider him a blessing and feel very fortunate to be his mother and father.

Learn more about Kosair Kid® Caden in the Summer/Fall 2013 Edition of Kite Tales

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