Avaya Kosair Kid


Avaya was diagnosed at age two with sensory integration disorder. This disorder leads to anxiety, slight OCD and skin so sensitive that buttons, socks and tightly fitted clothing can cause a break out. Over stimulation for Avaya can lead to falling asleep, violent out bursts and overall meltdowns.

After moving to Louisville from Lexington, her regular insurance refused to pay for her services because they did not consider sensory integration disorder, along with anxiety, a serious condition. By 2013, Avaya had completely regressed.

In March of 2014, Kosair Charities joined the fight to help give Avaya a chance at the life every 6-year old should have by paying for her occupational therapy at Louisville Pediatric Therapy Center (a Kosair Charities supported agency). Her mother called them a Godsend. Thanks to her OT, Avaya is making strides in the classroom and her teachers are thrilled with her behavior and progress!

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