Addie Kosair Kid


During birth, Addie became entangled in the umbilical cord and has a condition very similar to cerebral palsy. To remain healthy, Addie would need expensive treatment called “VitalStim” at The Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies, located on Kosair Charities’ campus. The therapy involves electric stimulation and was proving to help Addie make major strides with her throat. Unfortunately, the family’s insurance company deemed the procedure “alternative treatment,” leaving the family with mounting medical bills.

When Addie’s life-altering therapy was declined by the family’s insurance as an infant, her parents, Dustin and Jill, were unsure of their next step. That’s when they remembered a Kosair Charities TV commercial, which served as an example of what Kosair Charities could do for their own family.

Addie’s parents turned to Kosair Charities and they stepped up to cover her medical expenses, and then some. Kosair Charities also covered a special assistive pushchair and tricycle for Addie. This allowed her to not only get around, but to interact with her peers, as well.

Dustin and Jill are forever grateful to the organization that gave their daughter hope. “What Kosair Charities has done for us is above and beyond,” Dustin says. “They’ve done this for so many kids. It makes us want to give back.”

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