Attorney General Cameron Joins Kosair Charities, Kentucky Youth Advocates to Announce Child Abuse Prosecution Toolkit

Toolkit will assist prosecutors across the Commonwealth with prosecuting child abuse cases

FRANKFORT, Ky. (October 27, 2020) – Attorney General Daniel Cameron today joined Kentucky Youth Advocates, Kosair Charities, and statewide partners in the Face It ® Movement to announce the release of a Child Abuse Prosecution Toolkit. Developed by the Attorney General’s Criminal Division, the toolkit equips Kentucky prosecutors with best practices and resources to prosecute child abuse cases.

“The Child Abuse Prosecution Toolkit provides prosecutors across the Commonwealth with best practices to assist in the prosecution of child abuse cases,” said Attorney General Cameron. “These cases are often some of the most complex and challenging cases that a prosecutor will face in his or her career, and our office is committed to providing resources and support.  Kentucky consistently ranks first in the nation for incidences of child abuse and child maltreatment, and this toolkit is a step toward ensuring that any individual who abuses or neglects a child in the Commonwealth is fully prosecuted.”

The toolkit highlights the importance of cooperation in addressing incidences of child abuse by encouraging collaboration between stakeholders, including Commonwealth’s and County Attorneys, social workers, physicians, and advocates.

Earlier this year, Attorney General Cameron joined Kosair Charities President Keith Inman and Kentucky Youth Advocates Executive Director Terry Brooks, along with child welfare representatives, for a roundtable to discuss methods for combatting child abuse.  This toolkit was an idea that arose from that meeting and, prior to today’s press conference, the group gathered for a follow-up roundtable to discuss next steps.

“Every child deserves to grow up safe and healthy with the support to reach their fullest potential,” said Keith Inman, president of Kosair Charities.  “Kosair Charities works diligently towards that goal with our over 100 statewide partners in the Face It Movement – a movement committed to preventing and ending child abuse in the Commonwealth.  We commend Attorney General Cameron’s commitment to helping reach that goal, even more crucial amidst an isolating pandemic, by implementing efforts to ensure perpetrators of abuse cannot harm another child.”

“There’s a pandemic in Kentucky that, unlike COVID-19, sadly is not new,” said Dr. Terry Brooks, executive director, Kentucky Youth Advocates.  “But, like COVID-19, it sweeps across our Commonwealth like a plague, impacting every community in every county. But there is hope when it comes to the tragedy of child abuse. We understand its causes and we can not just address it, we can end it. That solution requires intentional actions by us all around prevention and detection. It demands deep investments for those children who have suffered the tragedy of abuse. It takes the tough edged prosecution of abusers. You’ve heard the phrase before but it rings so true when it comes to child abuse – we are all in this together, and together, we can end it.”

The toolkit aims to support prosecutors as they work to protect Kentucky children from abuse and is part of a larger effort to end child abuse in the Commonwealth.

“Working in partnership is critical, because those who harm children do not recognize jurisdictional boundaries,” said Robert M. Duncan, Jr., U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky.  “It is important for law enforcement across the state to collaborate with each other to address the harm caused by child abuse and hold offenders accountable for their actions.”

The toolkit provides a roadmap for prosecutors to follow when they receive a child abuse or neglect case and walks prosecutors through conducting the investigation, interviews of the victim of witnesses, and trial preparation.  Topics such as charging strategies, pre-trial and trial issues, and trauma-informed prosecution are also covered.  In addition, applicable case law and statutes for reporting requirements, victim notification, discovery, indictment, and other issues are included to provide a quick reference for prosecutors.

The manual is accompanied by resources that will be available on the Attorney General’s website for easy viewing and download.  These resources include sample motions, opening statements, medical release forms, and social media law enforcement guides that can be customized by prosecutors for use in obtaining discovery and preparing for trial.

“As a prosecutor in a smaller jurisdiction, the development and implementation of the child abuse tool kit is a vital resource for prosecutors in these smaller jurisdictions,” said Courtney Baxter, Commonwealth’s Attorney for the 12th Judicial Circuit.  “I appreciate the Attorney General’s work on this important issue and the development of this invaluable tool. Bringing all the players to the table allows us to combine our resources and knowledge to protect the most vulnerable in our society and reach our goal of eradicating child abuse.”

“Prosecutors have the responsibility to achieve justice for the child victim and to protect the community from offenders who may go on to sexually abuse others,” said Lou Anna Red Corn, Commonwealth’s Attorney for the 22nd Judicial Circuit.  “Child sexual abuse cases are among the most challenging of cases to prosecute. Medical evidence is available in less than 5 percent of the reported cases of CSA, and the prosecution often must rely on the testimony of a child.  The Attorney General’s toolkit will truly assist the state prosecutors because it includes not only the substantive law for the issues that arise in CSA prosecutions, but equally important, it includes information and resources for a trauma-informed, victim-centered prosecution.  The state’s prosecutors appreciate the time, research, and thoughtfulness that has gone into the Child Abuse Prosecution Toolkit and we will turn to the toolkit again and again.”

The Office of the Attorney General will make the Child Abuse Prosecution Toolkit available to prosecutors throughout the Commonwealth. The toolkit is available to download here.


Pikeville Medical Center’s NICU Receives Grant from Kosair Charities for Cooling Blanket Therapy System


PIKEVILLE, KY – Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) recently received a $59,000 grant from Kosair Charities to purchase a Temperature Management “Cooling Blanket Therapy” System for the PMC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  This temperature management system has the ability to cool a newborn’s body and brain temperature, potentially saving a baby’s life in certain situations.

“This is exciting news for our entire region,” explained PMC NICU Medical Director and Neonatologist Todd Hambleton, MD.  “A cooling system, by itself, is non-invasive – it requires no medication, no needles, and no incisions.  Unfortunately, some babies, even those born at full term, experience a lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain shortly after birth.  Having this gives us another tool to help us treat babies who fall into this category.”

Cooling blanket therapy system in use

This system uses a technique called hypothermia treatment, in which the newborn is wrapped in a waterproof blanket that circulates cool water around a baby, lowering the body’s temperature to 92.3 degrees Fahrenheit.  Experts say decreasing the temperature cools the baby’s brain and body, reducing the risk of brain injury by as much as 50 percent.

“Thanks to this second consecutive grant from Kosair Charities, we can take another step forward in our mission to enhance our level of pediatric care at PMC,” explained PMC Vice President of the Board of Directors and CEO Donovan Blackburn.  “Every step we take allows us to potentially keep more families together and close to home when their child needs specialized care.  Not only will the babies receive the care they need, but their families will experience fewer emotional and financial burdens associated with traveling to receive care.”

“Kosair Charities is committed to enhancing the health and well-being of all children. We are grateful to fund a brand-new cooling blanket system for the Pikeville Medical Center NICU,” said Keith Inman, Kosair Charities President. “We hope this will provide comfort for not only the smallest of our Kosair Kids, but their families as well.”

PMC receives $59,000 grant from Kosair Charities

In 2020, PMC’s NICU doubled in size, increasing the number of beds from 8 to 16. In addition to being able to treat more babies, the increase of beds has advanced PMC’s level of care from a level II to a level II Advanced Care NICU.  This has allowed PMC physicians and staff to care for babies born earlier in the mother’s pregnancy. Previously, babies born sooner than 32 weeks had to be transferred to a higher-level facility.  However, the PMC NICU can now keep and take care of babies born as early as 28 weeks.


About Pikeville Medical Center

Pikeville Medical Center is 348-bed regional referral center and Kentucky’s only level II trauma center. PMC offers over 400 services, including every major specialty and many subspecialties, and features the region’s most advanced medical technology.

PMC employs nearly 3,000 people and has nearly 400 credentialed healthcare providers.

PMC’s mission is to provide world-class quality health care in a Christian environment. For more information, please visit

About Kosair Charities

Kosair Charities enhances the health and well-being of children by delivering financial support for healthcare, research, education, social services, and child advocacy. We envision a world in which children in need live life to the fullest. For more information, please visit


MEDIA ALERT: Kosair Charities’ Face It Movement to host statewide Child Abuse Prevention virtual training event 

MEDIA ALERT: Kosair Charities’ Face It Movement to host statewide Child Abuse Prevention virtual training event 

WHAT:  Do you want to be the face of child abuse prevention? Keeping kids safe is an adult responsibility. Kosair Charities and the Face It Movement invite you to learn more about the faces of child abuse and how you can promote change. In an exclusive virtual event, hear from keynote speaker, Rachael Denhollander, in addition to distinguished state and local guest speakers. All proceeds and donations support the Child Abuse Prevention fund at Kosair Charities. Special thanks to Honorary Event Chairs – Mr. W. Frank and Mrs. Paula Harshaw (Harshaw Trane).

WHY:    Kentucky is #1 in the NATION in incidents of child abuse and neglect, with nearly double the national average. Face It ® directly addresses the  unacceptable incidences of child abuse and neglect in Kentucky with the promotion of best practices in child abuse prevention and intervention, engaging the community, and advocating for effective policies to improve the child welfare system.

WHEN:   Tuesday, Oct. 6, 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


WHO:     Speakers

  • Rachael Denhollander, Attorney & Advocate (Keynote)
    Attorney General, Daniel Cameron (guest speaker)
    Councilman David James (guest speaker)
    Elizabeth Woolsey (emcee)
    Keith Inman (Kosair Charities president)

Photo/Video Opportunity:

  • Rachael Denhollander headshot and Bio (attached)
  • Quotes and screenshots from event are welcome to be utilized.
  • View Face It ® brochure
  • NOTE: Per keynote’s request, no video portion of the keynote may be utilized, only screenshots and individual quotes. Event link above is not public.

CONTACT:  Lindsay Wehr, Senior VP of Strategy & Outreach
Kosair Charities,, 502-262-5434 (cell – may call or text)

Kosair Charities Announces Board Member Retirement

Louisville, KY— August 7, 2020 — Longtime Kosair Charities board member, Jerry Ward, has announced his retirement. In his 17 years on the board, he has not only overseen supporting hundreds of organizations whose sole mission is to help kids, but is also one of the founders of the Kosair Charities’ Advisory Council, Face It Movement, oversaw the awarding of hundreds of millions of dollars to agencies who assist children, expanded Kosair Charities reach by opening an East End Facility and office in Shelbyville, KY and dedicated much of his life to helping kids.

As Kosair Charities looks to the future, the following immediate actions have been and are being taken by the organization:

  • Establishment of a committee composed of board, advisory council, staff, and philanthropic leaders to review policies and make recommendations to ensure a culturally diverse and race sensitive culture and organization.
  • Review of all procedures, specifically recruitment, retention, vendor, and procurement policies, with the assistance of vetted partners and resources.
  • Continue funding diverse and equitable causes and organizations ensuring kids in every community have the resources needed to reach their full potential.

Kosair Charities will continue to focus on improving the lives of all children across the Commonwealth as it has done for 97 years. We will not stop until all children can grow up happy, healthy, and safe.

As a society we are at a pivotal point. Together we will continue to listen, learn, and collaborate. Words will be backed up with action through our gifts and grants program, internal and external committees, and policy review to safeguard against any harm to our community and our mission.

We realize we live in a world that is demanding change and are ready to lead that change. We look forward to collectively laying a foundation to celebrate not only 100 years, but progress into a modern and evolved organization laying a foundation for the next 100 years.

Keith Inman
President, Kosair Charities

About the Organization

Kosair Charities enhances the health and well-being of children by delivering financial support for healthcare, research, education, social services, and child advocacy. We envision a world in which children in need live life to the fullest. To make this possible, in the last 5 years alone Kosair Charities has granted over $50 million dollars to hundreds of organizations who help children statewide, as well as assisted families directly through the Kosair Kids Program. Watch a video about Kosair Kid ® Henry, who is now reaching his full potential because of Kosair Charities. For more information, visit

10th Anniversary Custom Dream Playhouse Gifted to Kosair Kid

Custom playhouse built for Jane, age 6, through local collaboration was presented during a safe, special reveal

Louisville, KY— June 31, 2020 — Through a unique collaboration between local businesses and non-profits, one lucky Kosair Kid ®, Jane Secrest, received a dream therapeutic playhouse, custom-built and designed for her needs. The playhouse was revealed last week to the family and virtually to the public this morning on the Kosair Charities Facebook page (view video and photos). Tom Waller Signature Homes led the project, constructed at the recipients’ home, on behalf of the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville (BIA).

For 10 years, the BIA has collaborated with Kosair Charities, River City Bank and numerous BIA members to create playhouses which serve as a therapy-aid to improve and enhance quality of life for a Kosair Kid.

The Playhouse Project would not be possible without the support of the building community “Alongside our builder, Tom Waller of Tom Waller Signature Homes, we are excited to once again partner with Kosair Charities and River City Bank to provide a safe and fun place for this child to play and dream,” said Juva Barber, Executive Vice President, Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville.

Several BIA members have donated the building supplies and labor to build this year’s playhouse (see list below). Builder, Tom Waller said, “We as a community are so fortunate to have so many people that can step up and give their time and energy to make these things possible. It’s pretty amazing.”

About the 2020 Recipient:

Jane Secrest: Jane, 6, was adopted from China by the Secrest Family when she was three. Born with abnormally arranged organs, Jane endured multiple surgeries, attended countless therapy sessions, and received funds from the Kosair Kids Financial Assistance Program. Jane’s family recently learned there were no further interventions and she is now on home hospice care. “The playhouse will serve as incredible motivation for Jane to engage in play, both alone and with her siblings and peers,” said Kasie, Jane’s mom. “This is important for Jane’s health as she often doesn’t feel motivated to play due to her physical limitations, and can become quite disengaged.”

Special thanks to the follow Contributors:

Tom Waller Signature Homes
Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville
River City Bank
Kosair Charities
PC Building Materials
Gonzalez Brothers Framing
Corrigan Electric
Karista Hanna, Set the Stage
KI Lumber
Phillip Osbourne Concrete
Alex Gonzalez Roofing
Carpet Specialists
Scott Riggles Trim
Jones Landscaping + Design
Brecher’s Lighting
Allstate Ready Mix
Louisville Spray Foam
Elder Heating and Air

MEDIA NOTE: Download video and photos. To schedule a time to interview the Secrest family, Juva Barber (BIA), Tom Waller (Tom Waller Signature Homes), Keith Inman (Kosair Charities), or David Hobbs (River City Bank) please notify Stephanie Smith at


About the Organizations

Kosair Charities enhances the health and well-being of children by delivering financial support for healthcare, research, education, social services, and child advocacy. We envision a world in which children in need live life to the fullest. For more information, please visit

Building Industry Charitable Foundation represents the charitable arm of the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville.  The BICF mission is to use the talents, resources, and abilities of members of the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville to improve the quality of life of special needs children and adults in the community. For more information, visit

More photos available upon request.

Brotherhood Banquet supports Kosair Charities and the Community

Elizabethtown, KY— June 17, 2020 — Members of the Elizabethtown Knights of Columbus and the RIASOK Shrine Club donated proceeds from the 55th Annual Brotherhood Banquet to Kosair Charities. The Brotherhood Banquet raised $38,000 this year through the dedication and efforts of the Elizabethtown Knights of Columbus 1455, RIASOK Shrine Club, the generosity of the event’s sponsors, and caring members of the Hardin County community. These funds will help children in need in the community through the work of Kosair Charities.

“The Kosair Charities family is thankful for the many years of dedication and support from the Brotherhood Banquet and the Elizabethtown Community,” said Keith Inman, Kosair Charities president. “Thanks to the generosity of the Knight of Columbus, RIASOK Shrine Club, and Elizabethtown community, Kosair Kids® have the support and resources they need to grow up happy and healthy.”

Tom Clark, Jr., local business owner and one banquet organizer, echoed this sentiment. “Thanks to the support of many Elizabethtown and Hardin County businesses and the generosity of many individuals to make this event and support possible,” said Tom. “Over the years, funds raised from this event have been invested in making life better for the children and families in our local community. Most recently, Hardin Memorial Health received funding for the new NICU through the Kosair Charities Gifts and Grants Program.”

The Brotherhood Banquet began with the vision of two men in 1965 – Thomas R. Clark, Sr., Grand Knight of the Elizabethtown Knights of Columbus, and William J. Harris, President of the RIASOK Shrine Club. They decided the two organizations should work together to raise money for Kosair Charities. Now, 55 years later, the Banquet is still going strong and supporting local communities because of their shared friendship.

Since its inception, the Brotherhood Banquet has raised almost $800,000 for Kosair Kids. Children in the Elizabethtown community benefit from this support through both the Kosair Kids Financial Assistance Program, which provides assistance for families in need of help with their children’s medical bills, as well as the Kosair Charities’ Gifts and Grants Program which provides financial support to local non-profits serving children.

Pictured: William J. Harris (left) and Thomas R. Clark, Sr. (right), Brotherhood Banquet founders, traded their organization’s traditional hats to display the unity behind the name “Brotherhood Banquet.”

Note – The banquet celebration was held on Saturday, March 7 prior to COVID-19 closures.


About Kosair Charities: Kosair Charities enhances the health and well-being of children by delivering financial support for healthcare, research, education, social services, and child advocacy. We envision a world in which children in need live life to the fullest. For more information, visit

Attorney General Cameron Joins Partners in the Kosair Charities Face It Movement for Press Conference on Child Abuse Prevention and Prosecution

LOUISVILLE, KY (January 7, 2020) –Kentucky has the highest rate of child victims of abuse and more than double the national rate. Today, with partners in the Kosair Charities® Face It® Movement, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron shared his office’s commitment to helping end child abuse in the Commonwealth.

Pictured are Kosair Charities president , Keith Inman and Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron

“Child abuse exploits the innocence of youth and robs our children of the security and safety they desperately need and deserve. We can no longer accept that the Commonwealth leads the nation in child abuse, and we must do all we can to end this injustice for Kentucky’s children,” said Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. “As the chief law enforcement officer for the Commonwealth, I am committed to partnering with child advocacy organizations, as well as state and federal prosecutors, to prevent child abuse and prosecute abusers to the fullest extent of the law. Together, we will work to eliminate child abuse and create safer communities where Kentucky families and children can flourish.”

“Kosair Charities works every day to ensure children have the supports they need to be safe and healthy with opportunities to thrive, and our 100 partners in the Face It Movement are diligent in efforts to keep Kentucky kids safe from abuse and neglect,” said Keith Inman, president of Kosair Charities. “We commend Attorney General Cameron’s commitment to helping us reach our goal by implementing efforts to prevent child abuse and ensure perpetrators cannot harm another child. Kentucky is fortunate to have courageous state leaders willing to face the epidemic of child abuse head on.”

In 2018, 24,066 Kentucky children were victims of abuse or neglect. The Face It Movement focuses on a three-pronged approach to addressing Kentucky’s high rate of child abuse and neglect: promote best practices in prevention and intervention, build community awareness, and advocate for effective policies to keep kids safe and strengthen families.

“We know that ending child abuse demands everyone’s commitment. That means principals and pastors, business leaders and child care workers, police officers and the medical community. Ending child abuse also calls for elected leaders to bring vision, courage, and action on this crisis for Kentucky’s kids, and we are so very fortunate to have Attorney General Cameron at the forefront. His imagination and guts can be catalysts in changing the trajectory of the disturbing trendlines we see around abuse and neglect,” said Terry Brooks, executive director of Kentucky Youth Advocates.

“For the safety of our children, we need to work together to improve the prosecution of perpetrators of child maltreatment. Keeping kids safe is an adult responsibility that spans all professions and caregiver status. My team and I look forward to working with our new Attorney General in addressing this critical, statewide issue,” said Dr. Christina Howard, Chief of the Division of Pediatric Forensic Medicine at Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

Learn more about Face It’s 2020 policy priorities at If you suspect child abuse or neglect, make a report at 1-877-KYSAFE1.


About Kosair Charities
Since 1923, Kosair Charities has helped children reach their potential while overcoming obstacles. Kosair Charities enhances the health and well-being of children by delivering financial support for healthcare, research, education, social services, and child advocacy. We envision a world in which children in need live life to the fullest. For more information, please visit

About the Face It Movement
The Face It Movement launched in 2013 as an initiative led by Kosair Charities in response to the number of child abuse deaths in the Commonwealth. Face It focuses on a three-pronged approach to addressing child abuse and neglect: promote best practices in child abuse prevention and intervention, build awareness and engage the community, and advocate for effective policies to improve the child welfare system. Learn more at

About Kentucky Youth Advocates
Kentucky Youth Advocates believes all children deserve to be safe, healthy, and secure. As THE independent voice for Kentucky’s children, we work to ensure policymakers create investments and policies that are good for children. Learn more at

Kosair Charities Advisory Council Announces Grant Recipients

Louisville, KY— December 3, 2019 — Kosair Charities Advisory Council, composed of 20 distinguished community members, announced the recipients of their fiscal year 2020 grant awards. Eight recipient organizations were selected after an extensive application and interview process. This year, the Advisory Council will be awarding $300,000 in grant funding to these partner agencies, a portion of the full grant commitments of Kosair Charities.

“The dedication to serving children in need is truly commendable and impressive,” said Bob Bonsutto, Kosair Charities Advisory Council member. “We are honored to be able to support these agencies as they work to enhance the health and well-being of our community’s children.”

The Advisory Council supports Kosair Charities and the Board of Directors by increasing community engagement and awareness of Kosair Charities’ mission to enhance the health and well-being of children. The Council also is dedicated to supporting organizations that provide healthcare, research, education, social services and child advocacy to children and families in our community.

“Kosair Charities’ impact in the community, through our organization, will ensure longevity for our youths’ future through today’s actions,” said Anthony Richardson of Inside the Lines Training. “With this grant, we are able to reach more students effectively, and provide adequate tutoring, athletic training, and mentoring for our scholars.”

The following grants were announced at a press conference Tuesday morning:

  • City Schoolhouse ($50,000) – Strengthen children and families by empowering them through active and individualized education, fostering a love of learning and renewing their community through its people.
  • 2NOT1 Fatherhood & Families, Inc. ($46,574) – Promote the safety and well-being of children by implementing strategies that keep fathers involved and families together.
  • Orchid House, Inc. ($46,426) – Therapeutic and medical day center for young children facing behavior/emotional and health challenges to allow intense intervention and socialization with peers. Committed in advocating for high-risk children to increase the possibilities of bright future.
  • Purpose Inc. ($42,000) – Inspire and equip at-risk youth to find their purpose through music, art, technology and sports and to take an active role in reshaping the culture.
  • Inside the Lines Training ($30,000) – Enrich student-athletes with tolls to excel academically; to develop characteristics of leadership, while enhancing their athletic foundation.
  • River City Drum Corp Cultural Arts Institute Inc. ($30,000) – Enhance the development of African-American families with children through education, arts and culture.
  • Southwest Community Ministries ($30,000) – Unites community partners to ensure the support of our neighbors who find themselves in crisis to strengthen the Southwest community by playing an integral part in alleviating the burden of crisis and poverty in the area.
  • Family Scholar House, Inc. ($25,000) – Aims to end the cycle of poverty and transform our community by empowering families and youth to succeed in education and achieve life-long self-sufficiency.


Kaitlin Blessitt, Executive Director of Orchid House shared, “We cannot fully express the phenomenal impact this awarded grant will have on our organization’s infrastructure and ability to serve more children in need. Kosair Charities truly understands what it takes to run a successful organization and they have instrumentally helped provide us with the tools necessary to support our West Louisville community.”


MEDIA NOTE: To schedule a time to interview Keith Inman, members of the Advisory Council, or organizations receiving grants, please notify Lindsay Wehr at


About Kosair Charities: Since 1923, Kosair Charities has helped children reach their potential while overcoming obstacles. Kosair Charities enhances the health and well-being of children by delivering financial support for healthcare, research, education, social services, and child advocacy. We envision a world in which children in need live life to the fullest. For more information, please visit

2019 Advisory Council Grant Recipients with Kosair Charities President, Keith Inman.

River City Drum Corp Cultural Arts Institute Inc.

MEDIA ALERT: Kosair Charities to grant $1,000,000 to Sproutlings Pediatric Day Care and Preschool

WHAT: Kosair Charities helps enhance the health and wellbeing of children by delivering financial support for healthcare, research, education, social services, and child advocacy. Helping all children realize their potential while overcoming obstacles is part of their core values. Sproutlings Pediatric Day Care & Preschool at the Kosair Charities Center is dedicated to the integration of children of all abilities in an environment that fosters learning, play and growth. Made possible by a multi-year grant totaling $1,000,000, Sproutlings recently opened four new preschool and pre-K classrooms and a multipurpose room, allowing 26 additional students to be served. Renovation recently began on the existing area to increase services and capacity for 50 additional students, also possible thanks to this grant.

WHY: Sproutlings Pediatric Day Care & Preschool was created in 2010 as a one-of-a-kind center in the Louisville area that offers an integrated program for both special needs and typical children. It is the only Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) center in the region, providing on-site nursing care and therapy services. Since opening, the program witnessed a 360 percent increase in the number of medically fragile children served prompting the need to expand and grow to continue to meet the needs of students.

WHEN: Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019, at 3 p.m.

Sproutling Pediatric Day Care & Preschool at Kosair Charities Center (front entrance)
3701 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY 40207

• J Scott Judy – CEO, Masonic Homes of Kentucky
• Keith Inman – President, Kosair Charities
• Amber Zambrano – Director of Education, Sproutlings Day Care & Preschool

• Sproutlings students
• Louisville change-makers gathering to support the growth of services for medically fragile children
• Tours of Sproutlings, including its newly opened expansion

CONTACT: Lindsay Wehr, Senior VP of Strategy & Outreach
Kosair Charities,, 502-637-7696 ext. 103
Nicole Candler, Chief Marketing Officer
Masonic Homes Kentucky,, 502-753-8896

Kosair Charities Donates Funds to Support Baptist Health Floyd Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Unit

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Sept. 16, 2019) – Kosair Charities announced a donation of $150,000 to the Floyd Memorial Foundation to support a unit at Baptist Health Floyd to help infants born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.

In recent years, the southern Indiana community has been impacted by an increased number of drug users, drug overdoses and drug-related health issues affecting individuals of all ages. One of the many devastating outcomes from this alarming epidemic is the substance abuse disorder by pregnant mothers. Due to the mother’s abuse of drugs throughout her pregnancy, newborns are delivered dependent on those drugs. Following birth, the baby suffers withdrawal from the drugs, including opioids and/or chemical substances that they were exposed to before birth. It is a painful and debilitating process that lasts 10 to 17 days or longer and is managed with morphine to help ease their pain.

“There has been a recent influx of babies born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome across the U.S., and in Southern Indiana,” said president of Kosair Charities, Keith Inman. “Kosair Charities is about ensuring kids grow up happy, healthy, and safe, and we hope this support helps allow that opportunity.”

Kosair Charities presents $150,000 check to support Baptist Health Floyd Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Unit

Baptist Health Floyd experienced a jump in this patient population from 2016 to 2018. In 2018, data indicated that approximately 10% of babies born at the hospital exhibited signs of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.

The grant will help establish a Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome unit at Baptist Health Floyd to be complete with equipment, trained staff and dedicated area. This will allow staff members to quickly and effectively manage treatment of babies born with the condition, while keeping baby with mother to support mother/baby bonding. One of the many resources the grant will support is an infant base station that provides a warm, safe environment and continuously monitors vital signs while allowing the baby to stay with the parent(s).

The grant will help pay for equipment and technology vital to appropriately care for babies born with this condition. Additional grant monies will support the construction of a dedicated space and training staff.

“The Kosair Charities grant is an important and much appreciated financial contribution allowing Baptist Health Floyd to advance our neonate and newborn care here locally,” expressed Dr. Dan Eichenberger, President of Baptist Health Floyd. “This grant will be instrumental in assisting us in providing excellent care to these babies born dependent on drugs. It will allow Baptist Health Floyd to keep the babies here locally, prevent the separation of mom and baby, and enable the bonding which is so beneficial to a newborn’s development.”

About Kosair Charities: Since 1923, Kosair Charities has helped children reach their potential while overcoming obstacles. Kosair Charities enhances the health and well-being of children by delivering financial support for healthcare, research, education, social services, and child advocacy. We envision a world in which children in need live life to the fullest. For more information, please visit

About Baptist Health Floyd: Founded in 1953, Baptist Health Floyd, formerly known as Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services, is a 225-bed, acute care regional healthcare provider with one of southern Indiana’s most advanced comprehensive cardiac surgery programs. Part of Louisville, Ky.-based Baptist Health, the hospital offers 34 points of care in a full continuum from inpatient care to rehab services to home care. Services include cardiac surgery, thoracic and vascular services, cancer care, diabetic treatment, weight management services, orthopedics, spine care, wound care, pain management, sleep care and a full range of women’s services including obstetrics. The cancer center’s breast program is the only program in Southern Indiana to be accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). Our nursing staff has been recognized with the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Pathway to Excellence designation. For more information, visit

 About Floyd Memorial Foundation: Floyd Memorial Foundation was founded in 1978 by community-minded citizens who wanted to ensure the longevity of Floyd Memorial Hospital, now Baptist Health Floyd. Since it’s origination, the Foundation has raised millions of dollars to support medical resources and advanced technology essential for effective patient care.  The Foundation ensures vital resources are in place at Baptist Health Floyd and area health-related initiatives for the better health and well-being of residents living in Southern Indiana.