Brotherhood Banquet Supports Kosair Charities and the Community

56th Annual Brotherhood Banquet raises $39,000 to help Kosair Kids®

Elizabethtown, KY— June 23, 2021 — In a year with many challenges, members of the Elizabethtown Knights of Columbus 1455, the RIASOK Shrine Club, and the Hardin County community came together to raise $39,000 through the 56th Annual Brotherhood Banquet. These funds will provide critical support for children in need through the work of Kosair Charities.
For the past 56 years, the Brotherhood Banquet has been characterized by enthusiasm, giving back, and an event full of comradery for those who have attended. This year to keep everyone safe and healthy, the event was held virtually and was truly an example of a community coming together to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic.

Tom Clark, Jr. a local business owner and one event organizer, shared more about this year’s event, “We celebrated the 56th anniversary of the Brotherhood Banquet a bit differently. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, we, like many other organizations had to approach this celebration from a different angle. With the help of The Web Guys, Greg Milby, Kasey McCrary and the team at Heartland Communications, and Lewis Auction Company, we were able to form an alternative plan that would be more successful than we ever imagined. Our heartfelt thanks to them, the event’s sponsors for their continued generosity, and the entire Hardin County Community for their support for this year’s Brotherhood Banquet. We are hopeful that the 57th Brotherhood Banquet for Kosair Charities will be an in-person event again. Mark your calendars for February 26, 2022!”

The Brotherhood Banquet is a continuation of legacy of love for the Hardin County community and the children Kosair Charities serves. This event was founded in 1965 by Thomas R. Clark, Sr., Grand Knight of the Elizabethtown Knights of Columbus, and William J. Harris, President of the RIASOK Shrine Club in 1965. Now, 56 years later, these men would be proud of how their community, local businesses, and their fraternal organizations have continued their legacy of helping children in need by working together, especially during this challenging year.
“The Brotherhood Banquet has uplifted Kosair Kids for many years, especially during these difficult times. Thank you for ensuring children in need have the resources they need to grow up happy, healthy, and safe,” Keith Inman, Kosair Charities President, shared. “We are so grateful and this support is crucial for Kosair Kids, now more than ever.”

Since its inception, the Brotherhood Banquet has raised over $800,000 for Kosair Kids. Children in the Elizabethtown community benefit from this support through both the Kosair Kids Financial Assistance Program, which provides assistance for families in need of help with their children’s medical bills, as well as the Kosair Charities’ Gifts and Grants Program which provides financial support to local non-profits serving children. Most recently, Baptist Health Hardin received a grant that allowed the Baptist Health Hardin Emergency Department, Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and BirthPlace teams to purchase new equipment to help some of their most fragile and youngest patients.

Pictured: William J. Harris (left) and Thomas R. Clark, Sr. (right), Brotherhood Banquet founders, traded their organization’s traditional hats to display the unity behind the name “Brotherhood Banquet.”

Note – The banquet celebration was held on Saturday, March 7 prior to COVID-19 closures.


About Kosair Charities: Kosair Charities enhances the health and well-being of children by delivering financial support for healthcare, research, education, social services, and child advocacy. We envision a world in which children in need live life to the fullest. For more information, visit

April Town Hall – Follow Up Questions

During the recent Town Hall, panelists fielded questions from the audience. The questions that we ran out of time to address are listed below, along with answers from panelists and local experts.

How can we partner with our school systems to make all of the education, programming and supports each of these organizations offer part of the core curriculum for kids and families K-12?

Dr. Christina Howard, Chief of the Division of Pediatric Forensic Medicine, Kentucky Children’s Hospital

  • Some local school systems are members of Face It; however evidence based programs such as ECHO’s needs to made available throughout the state.  It should not be left to the local school systems with minimal resources in some counties but at a state level where there can be a set standard for curriculum.

Alissa Briggs, PhD, NCSP, Kentucky Children’s Hospital

  • In education, many valuable initiatives and systems stall out due to fatigue. Educators are accustomed to evidence-based practices coming and going. The key to truly partnering and getting something to stick is to start small and slow where there are existing relationships or interest. The investment of the administrative team is also key. I would actually recommend identifying a strong pilot district. Word of mouth travels quickly, and once successful find ways to support the news in traveling to other schools. Once others start to ask for the program and the program has the capacity to scale up without sacrificing the quality of implementation, then see if it can be connected to a state mandate.

Pam Darnall, President/CEO, Family & Children’s Place

  • I think community based organizations are eager to partner with Kentucky Department of Education, school districts, and individual schools to assure children and youth have their needs met. I know the Pritchard Committee has legislative priorities to focus on education including their Strong Start initiatives which focus on early learning, and supporting these initiatives could help as well.

How can we encourage young people to seek out mental health services on their own now that they are legally able to do so?  How can we reach out to them to connect them with available services? 

Dr. Christina Howard, Chief of the Division of Pediatric Forensic Medicine, Kentucky Children’s Hospital

  • Mental Health needs have increased over 300% since March of 2020; however, mental health services has been a services that has transitioned very well to telemedicine.  Adolescent Medicine program at UK is a strong program with those mental health options; however we need the link of getting young people to those resources.  Again, I cannot stress the importance of strong mental health services such as screenings in the school system and schools partnering with mental health providers in the community to establish ongoing care.

Alissa Briggs, PhD, NCSP, Kentucky Children’s Hospital

  • We screen the school population in schools we serve for behavioral health risk, including history of abuse, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. This is done in partnership with the school counselors. Screening initiates contact with school and clinical mental health professionals and often opens the door to students seeking services.
  • Once students seek and are happy with services, they often recommend them to their friends. – Alissa Briggs, PhD, NCSP, Kentucky Children’s Hospital
  • Utilizing social media to reduce stigma regarding mental illness and support seeking followed by links to available services may also be helpful.

Pam Darnall, President/CEO, Family & Children’s Place

  • I think communication is key—maybe this is another avenue for FaceIt agency partners to work with FaceIT to develop an effective way to communicate this to the  youth across our state (maybe messaging in each school in KY, etc.)

How can we incorporate mental health services into the school systems?

Alissa Briggs, PhD, NCSP, Kentucky Children’s Hospital

  •  Partnering with school counselors and administrators to create space for telehealth appointments in schools can help increase access, especially in rural areas.
  • Many school systems have school mental health professionals on staff or contract with outside agencies, such as adolescent medicine and New Vista. It may be helpful to start with a review of what is being done and its impact.
  • The problem is, we are bailing out a ship with a hole in it. About 30% of adolescents endorse depression and about 17% have seriously considered ending their life in the past year (Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System). Data suggest that COVID has made things worse. We can’t meet this need with individualized services with the number of therapists and school mental health professionals that exist. We also need to partner with school systems to determine how to engage in prevention, especially in the early elementary years, and how to implement school-wide systems that will support well-being and resilience. We need to work smarter, not harder.

Pam Darnall, President/CEO, Family & Children’s Place

  • There is a lot of communication right now state wide that the Kentucky Nonprofit Network is encouraging in their advocacy work encouraging human service provides to communicate now with their respective school districts to ask schools to partner with existing service providers to have needed mental health services for students; these partnerships can make the services more readily available to students, as opposed to schools having the additional challenge of hiring, overseeing mental  health staff.  Some organizations in Jefferson County already partner in certain schools to provide mental  health services as often pay sources such as Victim of Crime Act funding already supports mental health services (within its requirements) and the additional federal funding coming into the school systems across KY could also help support this work through partnerships with existing service providers.

Ideas for Giving and Moving Forward in 2021

Note: This content is re-published from original content found on Crescendo. View original article here. continues to move forward with its important work. In the midst of all that is going on, many of our friends and supporters are looking forward to the future when they can enjoy community with friends and resume their regular activities. In response to the current situation, Congress extended some of the COVID relief tax changes to 2021. has created this page to offer resources to help you with your tax planning and to offer some ideas for you to consider if you are thinking about making a gift in support of our mission in 2021.

1. 2021 Giving Incentives

The CARES Act passed in 2020 included several charitable tax provisions to encourage giving. Congress has extended these provisions for 2021 including:

  • A deduction for charitable donors who do not itemize when filing their tax returns. If you do not itemize but make a cash gift to charity, you will be allowed to take a special tax deduction, up to $300 ($600 for joint filers), to reduce your tax liability.
  • An increase in the deduction limit up to 100% of a donor’s annual income for cash gifts (previously the deduction was capped at 60% of annual income). If you make a gift you will be able to deduct more this year.

2. Donor Advised Funds

If you have a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) and wish to help us this year, you can make a gift from your DAF to support our work without affecting your personal financial security.

3. Charitable Gift Annuities

If you are concerned about your financial security given the ups and downs of the stock market, you may want to consider making a gift to fund a charitable gift annuity. You might be surprised by the benefits. You can exchange your low-performing stock, CDs or cash for guaranteed, lifetime fixed payments. If you make a gift of an appreciated asset, you will not have to pay capital gains when you fund the annuity. You may also benefit from a tax deduction this year and a portion of your payments could be tax-free.

4. Charitable Bequests

Many of our friends are updating their estate plans. If you would like to support our cause with a charitable bequest, we can help. Please contact us for a copy of our free estate planning guide. We can provide you with our bequest language and estate planning attorney referral list. Please contact us for assistance with creating and updating your plans.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these ideas, please contact Taylor Davis at

Kosair Charities lifetime giving to UofL tops $50 million

Current year’s support of over $1 million continues funding for children’s health

Note: Watch the full event video here

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A relationship begun nearly half a century ago is still going strong.

Since 1982, Kosair Charities has been a solidly dependable supporter of children’s health programs at the University of Louisville. This year, total donations have reached more than $50.4 million.

Moving the total past the $50 million mark this year is over $1M in funding from the charity – the largest in Kentuckiana – to support programs in pediatric forensic medicine, neuro-recovery and cancer research along with the Center for Women & Infants at UofL Hospital.

“Kosair Charities has made immeasurable contributions to the University of Louisville, this community and beyond. I believe what makes a partnership great is a shared vision. And that is certainly the case with Kosair Charities and UofL,” said Uof President Neeli Bendapudi. “Kosair Charities has given to so many areas across the University of Louisville and the impact can be felt far and wide throughout our community, region and beyond.”

A young patient receives therapy at the Kosair Charities Center for Pediatric NeuroRecovery.

“Louisville is my home, UofL my school, and Kosair Charities is my passion. It is special to be able to pull it all together to help children move forward,” said Keith Inman, president of Kosair Charities. “For almost 100 years Kosair Charities has had one mission, one focus, and that is for children to overcome their obstacles and reach their full potential. For 38 of those years, the University of Louisville has been an important partner, as we have invested in research, programs, facilities and people at the university who can make that vision, that mission a reality.”

The support is as important to UofL for its consistency as much the dollars donated, said UofL Vice President for Advancement Jasmine Farrier. “All philanthropic gifts are impactful, but this level of extraordinary support given consistently over decades is truly transformational,” Farrier said. “We are so fortunate to have Kosair Charities’ commitment to our children’s health programs.”

Recent gifts made by Kosair Charities to the university have helped fund:

• UofL Kosair Charities Division of Pediatric Forensic Medicine: Led by Dr. Melissa Currie, the first board-certified child abuse pediatrician in Kentucky, this division focuses on physical, mental and sexual abuse and neglect in children.

• Kosair Charities Center for Pediatric NeuroRecovery: The gift from Kosair Charities will target paralysis in children with acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), a disease that affects the area of the spinal cord called gray matter, which causes the muscles and reflexes in the body to become weak. Although occurrences are relatively rare, cases of AFM have been on a steady increase since 2014.

• Kosair Charities UofL Brown Cancer Center Pediatric Cancer Research: Drawing upon the strengths of researchers and physicians in the UofL Health – Brown Cancer Center, this program applies immunotherapy – the use of the patient’s own stem cells to boost immunity – to children’s cancer.

• UofL Hospital’s Center for Women & Infants: Kosair Charities funding enables the center to purchase upgraded infant warmers for its cutting-edge Neonatal Intensive Care Unit that cares for the tiniest and most vulnerable newborns.

Kosair Charities Announces iHeartMedia Louisville Community Partnership

LOUISVILLE, KY / February 26, 2021 / iHeartMedia Louisville has selected Kosair Charities as one of nine nonprofit community partners through their annual Louisville Community Partner program. This year’s focus area is on healing and the media outlet will support the mission of each organization and programming related to healing by utilizing on-air programming, websites, social, and digital media.

iHeartMedia Louisville will created a three-month in-kind marketing campaign for each selected community partner based on their specific programs and needs. Kosair Charities campaign will run January – March, 2021, leading up to April which is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Kosair Charities was specifically selected to promote positive parenting resources amidst the COVID19 pandemic, part of the Face It Movement founded and funded by Kosair Charities. Face It ® directly addresses incidences of child abuse and neglect in Kentucky with the promotion of best practices in child abuse prevention and intervention, engaging the community, and advocating for effective policies. A main focus of Face It is normalizing parenting hardships, sharing tools and resources, and encouraging the community to support families. To help prevent child maltreatment and build strong families, Face It shares materials with parents and caregivers on connecting with their child, conversation starters for difficult topics like safe body boundaries, and other tips on keeping their child safe by making the information relatable and approachable.

“This partnership will not only help amplify messages about Face It that otherwise would not have been possible, most importantly it will hopefully match resources with many parents and families struggling during these unprecedented times,” said Lindsay Wehr, Senior VP of Strategy & Outreach at Kosair Charities. “We are so grateful to be selected as well as partner with iHeart Media into the future.”

iHeartMedia is the #1 media company in the nation and leading media outlet in the Louisville market. Their multiple platforms include broadcast, events, digital businesses and platforms, podcast, and more, reaching an estimated 833,000 in Louisville alone last year.



Kosair Charities enhances the health and well-being of children by delivering financial support for healthcare, research, education, social services, and child advocacy. We envision a world in which children in need live life to the fullest. For more information, please visit


iHeartMedia Louisville owns and operates WAMZ-FM, WHAS-AM, WKJK-AM, WNRW-FM, WSDF-FM, WKRD-AM, WTFX-FM, and WQMF-FM and is part of iHeartMedia. iHeartMedia (NASDAQ: IHRT) is the number one audio company in the United States, reaching nine out of 10 Americans every month – and with its quarter of a billion monthly listeners, has a greater reach than any other media company in the U.S.

How to register for the Kosair Charities Pie Auction

Participating in the virtual auction is as easy pie!

Here are three easy steps to get registered and participate:

  1. Text “Pie20” to 243725
  2. Follow the link texted to you to access your bidding account

 The silent auction will open at 9 a.m. on Sunday, November 22

  1. Using your TV’s YouTube app or your computer’s web browser, subscribe to Kosair Charities YouTube channel, so you’re ready for the live auction and program

The live program will stream via YouTube on Sunday, November 22 at 4:30 p.m., but bidding for the live auction will take place through your bidding account

Tip: Use your TV or computer to watch the program and save your phone for the bidding!

Other important questions…

How do I bid?

At 9 a.m. on the 22nd, access your account and browse the pie and desserts available. Click on an item you’re interested in to read more about it, and then:

  • Select “Bid” to enter an active bid of any amount—the system will ensure you at least meet the next minimum bid.
  • Select “Watch” to add the item to your “Activity” section, which you can access by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the page, so you can easily find your favorite items again.
  • Select “Buy Now” to make the item yours immediately—no need to wait for the end of the auction!

Throughout the online auction, as you enter winning bids or are outbid, you will receive text messages alerting you of your changes in status. At the end of the auction, you will be notified if you are a winning bidder!

What happens if you win a live or silent auction pie or dessert?

The Kosair Charities team will be in touch with you to schedule a pick up for Monday, November 23 from our Eastern Parkway Campus. Pick up will contactless.

Trouble registering?
Contact Elise Buck at
ebuck@kosair.or​g or 502-637-7696


Introduction to Planned Giving

The end of the year is a great time to plan your tax-wise giving strategies. This email series is intended to help you maximize your assets, learn more about charitable giving opportunities, and help you reach your philanthropic goals.

What is planned giving?

Throughout this series, you may notice references to the term “planned giving.” This term refers to a gift that provides benefits to both you, and Kosair Charities, by taking your variety of assets into account. Planned gifts can take many different forms. These plans often use various legal, tax, and/or financial strategies to help you maximize your assets, and make the largest impact on Kosair Kids.

I’ve never considered charitable giving as part of my financial plans. Should I? Where do I start?

If your focus is on helping children, and you hold any assets, a planned gift may be beneficial to you. Many donors turn to charitable giving to decide the best way to pass on wealth and who would most benefit from various strategies.

Get started in just three simple steps. First, consider your charitable goals. We encourage you think about what you want to accomplish with your philanthropy. These goals, no matter how big or small, will go hand-in-hand with how you want to provide for your loved ones. Second, gather your team. Your team includes your charitable advi​sors (that’s us!), and the experts you use to manage your finances. Finally, share your goals with your team and create a plan. You can download our free estate planning guide, a simple resource for you to manage your plans all in one place. Your team will leverage the various tools from their field to maximize your assets.

Why is estate planning, or philanthropic planning, important?

Each member of your team will have a different answer to this question, each with the same sentiment: it is in your best interest. Your accountant will help determine the tax savings and apply them appropriately. The financial advisor will help build a plan to achieve your personal and philanthropic goals. The legal documents that outline these goals and benefits will come from your attorney. Finally, Kosair Charities will ensure that your legacy is realized and lives on long after you are gone. We want to understand what is truly important to you and how you expect your money to make the biggest change for Kosair Kids.

Depending on the changing tax laws, a portion of your assets may be subject to a variety of taxes. Estate planning helps you understand your options for these assets, so you can make the impact you want. Our friend Brian Haehl at Limestone Wealth Management refers to these dollars as Social Capital; you get to decide where the dollars go and the impact they make.

As you look toward the end of the year, we want to remind you that we accept gifts from Donor Advised Funds, stock transfers​, and Qualified Chari​table Distribut​ions. The next email in this series will take a closer look at managing IRAs while accomplishing your philanthropic goals. If you would like to see a specific topic covered, or if you would like to speak with a Kosair Charities staff member to help you with your goals.

Allison Samblanet
Senior Vice President of Development
Phone: 502-814-9894

Taylor Davis
Director of Development
Phone: 502-814-9912


Pikeville Medical Center’s NICU Receives Grant from Kosair Charities for Cooling Blanket Therapy System


PIKEVILLE, KY – Pikeville Medical Center (PMC) recently received a $59,000 grant from Kosair Charities to purchase a Temperature Management “Cooling Blanket Therapy” System for the PMC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  This temperature management system has the ability to cool a newborn’s body and brain temperature, potentially saving a baby’s life in certain situations.

“This is exciting news for our entire region,” explained PMC NICU Medical Director and Neonatologist Todd Hambleton, MD.  “A cooling system, by itself, is non-invasive – it requires no medication, no needles, and no incisions.  Unfortunately, some babies, even those born at full term, experience a lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain shortly after birth.  Having this gives us another tool to help us treat babies who fall into this category.”

Cooling blanket therapy system in use

This system uses a technique called hypothermia treatment, in which the newborn is wrapped in a waterproof blanket that circulates cool water around a baby, lowering the body’s temperature to 92.3 degrees Fahrenheit.  Experts say decreasing the temperature cools the baby’s brain and body, reducing the risk of brain injury by as much as 50 percent.

“Thanks to this second consecutive grant from Kosair Charities, we can take another step forward in our mission to enhance our level of pediatric care at PMC,” explained PMC Vice President of the Board of Directors and CEO Donovan Blackburn.  “Every step we take allows us to potentially keep more families together and close to home when their child needs specialized care.  Not only will the babies receive the care they need, but their families will experience fewer emotional and financial burdens associated with traveling to receive care.”

“Kosair Charities is committed to enhancing the health and well-being of all children. We are grateful to fund a brand-new cooling blanket system for the Pikeville Medical Center NICU,” said Keith Inman, Kosair Charities President. “We hope this will provide comfort for not only the smallest of our Kosair Kids, but their families as well.”

PMC receives $59,000 grant from Kosair Charities

In 2020, PMC’s NICU doubled in size, increasing the number of beds from 8 to 16. In addition to being able to treat more babies, the increase of beds has advanced PMC’s level of care from a level II to a level II Advanced Care NICU.  This has allowed PMC physicians and staff to care for babies born earlier in the mother’s pregnancy. Previously, babies born sooner than 32 weeks had to be transferred to a higher-level facility.  However, the PMC NICU can now keep and take care of babies born as early as 28 weeks.


About Pikeville Medical Center

Pikeville Medical Center is 348-bed regional referral center and Kentucky’s only level II trauma center. PMC offers over 400 services, including every major specialty and many subspecialties, and features the region’s most advanced medical technology.

PMC employs nearly 3,000 people and has nearly 400 credentialed healthcare providers.

PMC’s mission is to provide world-class quality health care in a Christian environment. For more information, please visit

About Kosair Charities

Kosair Charities enhances the health and well-being of children by delivering financial support for healthcare, research, education, social services, and child advocacy. We envision a world in which children in need live life to the fullest. For more information, please visit


9 Ways to Make an Impact with Your Planned Gift

There are a number of ways to meet your goals philanthropically, each with their own implications on your family and taxes. We are happy to talk through your ideas and goals to help create a strategy that maximizes all opportunities.

1. Outright gift of securities –

Provide immediate benefit to Kosair Charities by gifting stocks that have been held for more than a year and have a current value greater than their original cost. You will qualify for a current income tax deduction and receive relief from capital gains tax.

2. Gift in will or trust –

Designate Kosair Charities as a beneficiary in your will or trust and commit to our cause while avoiding estate tax. This is the most flexible type of planned gift and you may change your mind at any time.

3. Life insurance –

Gift your life insurance policy to Kosair Charities without disclosing it in your will. This allows you to make a large gift without affecting the assets you’ve accumulated to pass on to your loved ones. This option also provides an income tax deduction in the amount of the policy’s fair market value, and reduces the size of the taxable estate.

4. Charitable gift annuity –

Contribute an asset to Kosair Charities in exchanges for the promise of lifetime fixed payments for you or someone you select. Funds remaining after a lifetime of payments to the beneficiary will go to support Kosair Charities. You will also be eligible for an income tax deduction and capital gains tax avoidance by giving rather than selling, these assets.

5. Charitable remainder trust (CRT) –

Transfer your assets to a CRT to receive a fixed or variable dollar amount – depending on whether you choose a unitrust or annuity trust, respectively – each year for the rest of your life or a term of up to 20 years. Avoid capital gains taxes on the sale of your appreciated asset and receive an income tax deduction for the charitable portion of the trust. You can receive income to the extent that the trust has assets to pay out. This also shrinks the size of your taxable estate.

6. Savings bonds –

Leave your savings bonds to Kosair Charities to avoid paying income taxes on the deferred interest.

7. Retirement plan or IRA assets –

Leave your IRA or other assets to Kosair Charities in your retirement plan. We will receive all that is left of your retirement plan or IRA, whereas your loved ones will be exposed to income taxes as they access those funds at income tax rates.

8. Charitable lead trust (CLT) –

Transfer your assets to a CLT (the inverse of a Charitable Remainder Trust) to receive a gift or estate deduction for the present value of the charitable interest. This deduction allows you to pass on significant assets to family at a reduced gift or estate tax cost. There are various forms of a CLT, some of which provide additional tax benefits to you. Your tax professional can assist you in choosing the right vehicle for your goals.

9. Gift of real estate –

Gift appreciated property to Kosair Charities to qualify for a tax deduction and capital gains tax avoidance. Gifts of real estate can also be made through your will or living trust.

Brotherhood Banquet supports Kosair Charities and the Community

Elizabethtown, KY— June 17, 2020 — Members of the Elizabethtown Knights of Columbus and the RIASOK Shrine Club donated proceeds from the 55th Annual Brotherhood Banquet to Kosair Charities. The Brotherhood Banquet raised $38,000 this year through the dedication and efforts of the Elizabethtown Knights of Columbus 1455, RIASOK Shrine Club, the generosity of the event’s sponsors, and caring members of the Hardin County community. These funds will help children in need in the community through the work of Kosair Charities.

“The Kosair Charities family is thankful for the many years of dedication and support from the Brotherhood Banquet and the Elizabethtown Community,” said Keith Inman, Kosair Charities president. “Thanks to the generosity of the Knight of Columbus, RIASOK Shrine Club, and Elizabethtown community, Kosair Kids® have the support and resources they need to grow up happy and healthy.”

Tom Clark, Jr., local business owner and one banquet organizer, echoed this sentiment. “Thanks to the support of many Elizabethtown and Hardin County businesses and the generosity of many individuals to make this event and support possible,” said Tom. “Over the years, funds raised from this event have been invested in making life better for the children and families in our local community. Most recently, Hardin Memorial Health received funding for the new NICU through the Kosair Charities Gifts and Grants Program.”

The Brotherhood Banquet began with the vision of two men in 1965 – Thomas R. Clark, Sr., Grand Knight of the Elizabethtown Knights of Columbus, and William J. Harris, President of the RIASOK Shrine Club. They decided the two organizations should work together to raise money for Kosair Charities. Now, 55 years later, the Banquet is still going strong and supporting local communities because of their shared friendship.

Since its inception, the Brotherhood Banquet has raised almost $800,000 for Kosair Kids. Children in the Elizabethtown community benefit from this support through both the Kosair Kids Financial Assistance Program, which provides assistance for families in need of help with their children’s medical bills, as well as the Kosair Charities’ Gifts and Grants Program which provides financial support to local non-profits serving children.

Pictured: William J. Harris (left) and Thomas R. Clark, Sr. (right), Brotherhood Banquet founders, traded their organization’s traditional hats to display the unity behind the name “Brotherhood Banquet.”

Note – The banquet celebration was held on Saturday, March 7 prior to COVID-19 closures.


About Kosair Charities: Kosair Charities enhances the health and well-being of children by delivering financial support for healthcare, research, education, social services, and child advocacy. We envision a world in which children in need live life to the fullest. For more information, visit