Bears On Patrol




What type of program is Bears on Patrol?
Bears on Patrol is a cooperative effort between Kosair Charities and local law enforcement agencies to provide emergency response vehicles with teddy bears and other stuffed animals.

Where do the stuffed animals go?
The stuffed animals are used by emergency response officials throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana to comfort children exposed to traumatic situations, and to let the children know they are only there to help.

How long has the program been around?
The Bears on Patrol program has been around since 1997, and over 300,000 stuffed animals have been given out!

How can I help?
You can hold a “Bear Drive” to collect new stuffed animals. Spread the unnamed-20word to your office, school, church, scout group, family or friends and ask them to bring you any new stuffed animals. You can create your own box for a drop off point, or you can pick up a Bear Bin at Kosair Charities. If you need a Bear Bin, please contact Kaitlin White at

What types of stuffed animals can I donate?
We have decided to implement a few new guidelines. Please keep these in mind when donating:

  • Only new stuffed animals are accepted.
  • No voice boxes (battery operated), we want the stuffed animals to be cuddly, not stiff.
  • Large stuffed animals cannot be distributed; the perfect size is between 6-18 inches.
  • Please remove any seasonal trimmings from holiday themed stuffed animals (snip of Santa hats, Valentine hearts, etc.).

Where can I drop off the stuffed animals?
You can drop off your donations Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm at
Kosair Charities
982 Eastern Parkway
Louisville, KY 40217 

Can someone pick up the stuffed animals from me?

No, however if you or your organization collects over 500 stuffed animals we can arrange to pick them up within the Metro Louisville area.

Can someone come speak to my school, class, scout troop, church, etc. about this program?
Yes, we will come speak to your group about Bears on Patrol. These talks are available if your group consists of 30 or more people. The talk is usually given after a group has collected stuffed animals. That way we can thank you for your donation and explain why this program is so important.

I’m an emergency official…How does my department get bears?
Bears on Patrol bears are only available for emergency officials in the state of Kentucky and 8 counties in Southern Indiana. Please contact Kaitlin White at or 502-637-7696 ext. 106 to request stuffed animals. Please include your department name, address, a person to contact, a phone number, and the amount of bags you would like to receive (there are 20 stuffed animals per bag). As soon as we have enough bears in stock we will mail or deliver them to you.

Where are all the bears stored?
Our friends at PMR Companies created a new Bears on Patrol logo and renovated our Bear Room on the Kosair Charities Campus. Kosair Charities would like to extend a big “Thank You!” to our friends at PMR!