1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air Giveaway Benefiting Kosair Charities

Louisville, KY – August 15, 2013 – This year Bob Beatty will open his heart once again and giveaway a completely refurbished classic car for Kosair Kids ®. Chances are $10 and all of the proceeds will be donated to Kosair Charities.

Since 2009 Bob and his team have generously raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Kosair Kids ® in need of organ transplants. Last year, the car giveaway brought in $287,000 for a cause dear to Bob’s heart.

In 2007, Bob himself was a recipient of a new heart he now calls “Ernie.” This second chance at life inspired Bob to create the car giveaway five years ago to help children in need.

“Ernie has changed everything.  I feel an overwhelming need to help others as a way of showing my gratitude to someone who has given so very much to me,” he says.

This year Bob has outdone himself rebuilding a teal, 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air with a 265 engine. The car, also know as the “Hot One” in its prime, has been restored to peak condition.

You can pick up a chance to get behind the wheel at the Kentucky State Fair August 15-25 at the Trust For Life or Kosair Charities booth. If you miss the State Fair, look for Bob Beatty and his trailer up until the drawing on November 8th.  Bob and his team move locations each weekend.

Your $10 chance also serves as a ticket to the Car Give-Away Celebration at the Crowne Plaza on November 8th. The celebration includes the musical group The Monarchs, a cash bar, appetizers, a silent auction, and, at 9 p.m., the drawing of the winning ticket.

You can also pick up a chance at Kosair Charities (982 Eastern Parkway), The Shrine Temple (812 South Second Street) or by calling Bob at (502) 592-6860.

In addition, fair attendees who stop by the Kosair Charities and Trust for Life booth can enjoy free giveaways, including beanie babies, fez hats, and information on both Kosair Charities or Trust for Life. The booth is open daily from August 15-25 from 9:00 am-10:00 pm.

1955 Bel Air


 About Kosair Charities:  Since 1923 Kosair Charities has had one primary mission – helping children in need.  Kosair Charities knows that the quality of a child’s tomorrow depends largely on the quality of health, medical treatment, and support a child receives today.  Annually Kosair Charities supports over 90 children’s agencies in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. For more information please visit http://kosair.org, on Facebook.com/Kosair Charities or call 502.637.7696.


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